The Rush Coaching Manual

The Rush Coaching Manual

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What´s The Rush Way?

Where the Trails of Passion and Purpose Meet, Begins the Path to Victory

The Rush Way is the embodiment of all that is Rush Soccer; the rules and manner in which Rush members hold themselves and how they expect other Rush members to conduct themselves.

This is not inherent in all people, but can be learned. The Rush Way encourages passion, leadership, respect and, above all, quality. 

What´s The Coaching Manual

A shared obsession for The Beautiful Game brought together a group of Soccer and Technology experts. The result is the world’s premier digital soccer coaching platform. TCM’s passion is to share their knowledge and expertise to help coaches and players improve.

TCM’s objective is to inspire coaches and players around the world to fall in love with the game like we did. Why? Because, when this game gets under your skin; learning about it never feels like work, practicing is always fun, and playing it will bring you lifelong joy.



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The Partnership

Exclusive Benefits For Rush Clubs & Coaches


All Rush Coaches and Clubs receive free access to The Rush Coaching Manual, in which they can find the complete Rush Way. This is a comprehensive methodology built around a player developmental roadmap, that includes age group specific plans, activities, sessions, articles, podcasts, webinars, infographics, and many more. The content is categorized through tags and filters, what allows the coach to find them easily both from their computers as well as from their phones through The Coaching Manual app.
Rush Coaches not only receive permanent, free access to this tool but also to the session planner and our exclusive, fully customized Season Planner.

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Rush Soccer’s partnership with The Coaching Manual not only allows clubs and coaches to access the Rush Way content but also provides free access to TCM’s basic content.
The Coaching Manual additionally offers all Rush Clubs and incredible discount in yearly memberships to their premium content, which includes coaching education material from world class coaches such as Rene Meulensteen or David Moyes.

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