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Onboard your club to RSD+ and elevate it to a PRO level. We build and operate plans in each service that are fully customized to your club schedule and needs. Video Analysis, Mental Health, At Home Training Plans, Courses for Players & Coaches, Season Plans and Methodological Assistance, and much more.
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Are you a Rush Coach? Get Rush Way Certified and move up the Rush ladder through our newest platform, the Rush Soccer Development University
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RSD+ provides you and your club with full access to our Train @ Home program. Get BETTER, FITTER, SMARTER, BRAVER, TOUGHER, & HEALTHIER. Work with our team of specialists to customize this plan to your players needs.

Explore Our Mental Health Service

The sporting world is becoming increasingly aware of the need to support athletes and coaches in Mental Health. Yet, very few organizations have well established programs to address it. In a country in which 75% of athletes quit their sports and disciplines by the age of 14, this might be what your club is needing the most.
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Make The Most Out Of Your Video Recording

Technology is definitely helping us record our players and teams, but do we make the most out of it? RSD+ provides your club with a team of world renowned Performance Analysts to work your videos and improve your player development process. Analyze their technical and tactical ability, build individual development plans, and much more.
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Plan Your Season With The Rush Coaching Manual!

Did you know that coaches from a RSD+ club get full access to The Rush Coaching Manual? Check all of our training sessions, activities, and plan your season with this incredible tool. Request your user.

Rush Guest Playing Program

Connect Rush teams that need guest players for events with players that are willing and able to play. Connect players that are looking to guest play with teams that can use help.

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RSD's Base Plan elevates your club with top notch coaching education, player development, and parent engagement resources.
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RSD+ top tier, gives you professional level services, tools, and a team of top professionals to work with you.
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Winter 2021/22

Week 12

This drill is designed to help you improve your ball control. This is a great drill to help you develop the ball control that will enable you to cut and change direction quickly. Goal: When you reach the point of being able to do whatever you want with the ball; you will have more fun playing the game.