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Are you the best at juggling and tricks?Show Us!
Are you the best at juggling and tricks?Show Us!
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The Rush Select program is an international program in which Rush Soccer forms “all star teams” that are comprised of the top Rush players from all across the world. The program starts from age U13 and is available through a players career with Rush Soccer ending at U19. These teams attend various events, both in the US and internationally on a yearly basis. The players get to see new ideas, play with top talent, learn from new coaches and develop in a way most across the country can not. The program aims to give the top players within Rush a unique learning experience that helps them evolve as both a player and a person.

The Rush Select Program is a cornerstone of Rush Soccer’s developmental Pyramid. Visit the Rush Select website for specific event information. 


Coaches within Rush Select get to enjoy working with some of the top players Rush has to offer. When coaching within Rush Select, you are responsible for choosing your team, communicating with Technical Directors around the world, coaching the players at an event, and making sure our top players have an overall incredible experience with the program. Select coaches become a part of the bigger picture for Rush Soccer in helping identify who is ready to move up in the Rush Soccer Pyramid. If you are interested in being a part of Rush Select email to learn how to get involved.


The Rush Select program has multiple levels. It starts at a Regional level, then moves to an Interregional level, and finally to a National level. Below you will find a video series with the purpose of providing a reference of the level of play per age group. This is vital tool for any Rush coach in the world looking to nominate a player for the program. As coaches we want to place our players at the right level of challenge. This starts with being able to identify and compare our players abilities to others.

U13B Regional

U13B Inter-Regional

U13G Regional

U13G Inter-Regional

U14B Regional

U14B Inter-Regional

U14G Regional

U14G Inter-Regional

U15G Regional

U15G Inter-Regional

U15B Regional

U15B Inter-Regional

U16B National

U16G National

U17B National

U17G National

U18B National

U18G National