Rush Select Coaching Events
Rush Select Coaching Events


The Rush Select Program is Rush Soccer's top talent identification program. The program hosts the club's top coaches and players for 2-4 events during the calendar year tailored to certain age groups. Rush Select welcomes all coaches at any event. Email if you are interested in attending.


The HUB is Rush Select’s Regional Competitive Level Event.

At the Hub each age group and gender is divided into four regions (West, Midwest, Northeast, and South). Many of the top coaches within Rush Soccer lead these teams and the strongest players from each region. At the tournament each team will have the opportunity to compete against the other Rush Regional teams. During the Hub coaches will be responsible for driving a van to transport players, the team’s daily schedule, coaching the games, and providing an evaluation for each player after the Hub.

The event also hosts a FREE in-depth Coaching Education workshop for all Coaches led by Rush Soccer’s Technical Staff.

Through this three day workshop, Rush coaches learn, actively experience, and assess compliance to the Rush Way in different matters like Coaching Games and Coaching Training Sessions. 

The Hub 2021, for U13-U15 boys and girls, will take place November 18th-21st in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • 8:30pm – 10PM / Coaches Meeting: Select and non-Select coaches meet to discuss the Rush Way aspects that will be practiced and assessed along the event: Heart Of The Rush, Rush Blue Thread,  Game Day, Warm up, Set Pieces. 


  • 7:00 – 12:30pm  / First Coaches Pairing – Training Sessions: Groups of Non Select coaches meet early at 7 am prior to sessions commencing and are paired / assigned to a working team of Select HC and AC. With guidance from Pablo and the NTD’s, these non select coaches are in charge of analyzing the training session and evaluating compliance to Rush Way standards. 
  • 12:30 – 3pm / Training Session Demo: Coaches attend a second session, now run by Pablo and/or one of Rush Soccer’s NTD’s with the coaches as volunteering players to have a second on the field example of Rush Way concepts and an instance of evaluation. During lunch the groups debrief on the observations made during the morning and in this second activity. 
  • 7:00 – 9:00pm /  Training Session Presentation: Based on the daily observations, the non Select coaches make a presentation on modifications they would make to these sessions to increase it’s Rush Way compliance. Select coaches are invited to attend and hear feedback from their peers. One or two of the groups presenting, previously agreed upon, volunteer to run their proposed sessions on the field. All groups are encouraged to offer and receive feedback from Pablo, the NTD’s, and their peers. The entire group of attendees is invited to dinner together after. 
  • 7:00am / Second Coaches Pairing: Analog to the previous day, groups of non select coaches are assigned to observe a different team of Select HC and AC during their matches for Game Day Rush Way compliance.
  • 12:30pm / Coaches Lunch and Game Day Debrief: Non Select coaches get together with Pablo for lunch and to debrief the observations from the coaches they observed. The meeting is wrapped up with lessons learned during the three days.
  • 8:00pm / Coaches P&S Presentation & Social: Right after the game of the day, all coaches get together one last time for a program and services presentation by Pablo, then finalized by the NTD’s presenting on conclusions and lessons learned. The event is followed by a coaches social. 

Coaches that develop their careers within Rush Soccer and are selected for the HUB are considered some of the top potential professionals within our organization. 

These coaches, as ambassadors of the Rush Way, get the opportunity to compete for a free trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina (flight not included), in which they are invited to attend the AFA facilities, observe Argentina’s U20 or U23 National Teams training and participate in several workshops with the team’s head coach and staff, as well as other top professionals of the country. 

Non Select coaches are invited to participate on the trip.

Share a room with another coach and save some money!

We will be pairing coaches that are open to sharing a room so you can lower your expenses. Make your reservation clicking here, enter your date of arrival and departure and secure it with a credit card. Please make sure you make your reservations by the cut off date of October 29th.   


The Centers, for U13-U18 boys and girls, will take place toward the end of July. The Centers will be two tournaments, West/Midwest regional and Northeast/South regional, to kick off teams seasons. Clubs will bring in their top team or top two teams to compete against other Rush teams. Rush Select Regional team coaches will be there to scout players for the Hub as well as for the National level, PDT. Coaches will bring their own teams to the Centers and if they are selected as a Hub coach, scout the players for the team they are coaching. There will be coaching education such as seminars, field sessions and networking for all coaches to enjoy.

The Centers take place in late July / early August of every year. This is the schedule for 2021: 

  • Denver, CO July 30th – Aug 1st
  • Chicago, IL July 30th – Aug 1st
  • Philadelphia, PA July 30th – Aug 1st
  • Atlanta, GA August 6th – 8th


PDT, for U13-U18 boys and girls, will take place Presidents Day Weekend in February. At PDT for the U13-U15 age groups two teams will be formed. These teams will be a split of the country, West/Midwest and Northeast/South. For this coaches will select the top performers from the Hub from the two combined regions to form the strongest possible teams. For the U16-U17 age groups two teams will be formed as well but they will be full national teams, selecting players from across the Rush, for a top and second team. The U18s will only have one team per gender. These players will be selected based on technical director nominations. At this top level tournament each team will have the opportunity to compete against high level teams and for the older age groups get scouted by top level coaches. During PDT coaches will be responsible for driving a van, the team’s daily schedule, coaching the games and providing an evaluation for each player after PDT. The PDT is a great way for top level Rush coaches to learn more about the Rush, coach high level players and get the opportunity to be identified for higher level coaching opportunities. There will be coaching education such as seminars, field sessions and networking for all coaches to enjoy. 

This event takes place in February of every day, during President’s Day weekend, in Phoenix, Arizona. 


International Trips, for U13-U18/19 boys and girls will take place in June to early July. The trips will be tailored based on specific age groups.Coaches will select a national team for the trip filled with players from across the Rush that performed well at PDT. The number of teams will be based on the tournament needs. The destinations for international travel include Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Portugal. 

The international Trips normally take place in June and early July.